Ever heard of the “diet cycle?”

You know that thing that people - especially fitness professionals - start bashing every year right around New Year’s?

Yeah that thing. . .

Truth is I can’t be that critical of those who talk about the “diet cycle” in a negative light because I’m fairly confident I’ve made YouTube videos, blog posts, and countless social media posts about it too.

But now I’m looking at it differently.

Don’t get me wrong I still don’t think people should live in a perpetual cycle of giving a shit about their health for 3 months followed by not giving a shit about their health for 3 months, but I think there is a way to frame this topic in a more positive light that might help you keep your health a focus when it would normally get shoved to the side.

In my experience, the turning point in anyone of these “diet cycles” begins when you first encounter an obstacle to executing on your diet or exercise program as originally planned or scheduled that you just can’t get over.

This always seems to catalyze a shift in your mindset and you begin thinking “well if I can’t do it exactly right what is the point in doing it at all.”

That thinking leads people down an unfortunate and unproductive path.

What you should be thinking about in this situation is how you can in the future overcome or avoid the obstacle.

This puts you in the mindset of a learner.

You don't have to view your diet or exercise program as being over when you can't execute you simply have identified something you weren't prepared for and now you can address it.

In fact a lot of the research that has provided us with insights about how successful change happens was done on those who attempt to quit smoking and one of the largest takeaway has been that it takes a lot of attempts at quitting to be successful at it.

The reason being that each attempt that a smoker makes to quit gives them insight into another situation or environment that they need to prepare themselves to not smoke in.

Thus it makes sense that if it takes people multiple tries to quit smoking it will likely take you multiple attempts to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

As each attempt will help you identify how to navigate situations that would normally lead to you falling off the wagon.

The reason I think you should know this is because it means that the real key for you to be successful is to not give up.

You can't get discouraged when you fail.

You have to look at it as an opportunity to learn and get better.

You have to keep getting back on the horse.

Remember this as the year moves forward because you are inevitably going to have moments when it seems a heck of a lot easier to just say “to hell with it,” but the only thing really standing between you and success is whether or not you decide to try again.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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